What is a Christian intellectual?

An intellectual isn’t an intellectual because he is secular or religious, but instead because he has something intelligent to say that makes a difference in how we think and act.

from “The Christian Intellectual“, at First Things

Apologies for the long hiatus… it will most likely continue until next summer (since marriage and comprehensive exams are coming between now and then). But in the meantime, this article captures much of what I think about my own place in God’s kingdom as a Christian intellectual. It’s not just – or even primarily – about evangelism. It is about being salt and light. It is about embracing and discovering truth. It is about being a little Christ… that is, being conformed to his image in the very work that I do. It is about building up those around me in their intellectual as well as their spiritual lives. It is about clinging to the vision of Christ working in all of creation to bring redemption.


The Christian’s Responsibility For Art

The Christian’s Responsibilty For Art – Roberta Ahmanson

“I urge you to stand with our brothers and sisters, who for more than 2,000 years knew what to do on earth because they knew they were headed for heaven.”

The Church today often struggles to engage in and support the arts, but such has not always been the case. Historically, the Christian church appreciated the arts and took seriously the role they could play in displaying truth and beauty in culture. As a philanthropist and patron of fine art, Ahmanson helps cast a vision for how the church can reclaim its civic duty of arts patronage.

Video @ Q Ideas